What do you do?

The main focus of our business is to introduce buyers and sellers of software companies to one another, so they can discuss acquisition possibilities.

We also provide selected clients with a range of professional services, usually working on strategic projects designed to help the business grow.

Who do you work with?

We work with sellers and buyers of software companies.

Do you work in all software sectors?

Yes. We also have a particular experience and expertise in the hospitality software market.

Where are your clients based?

We work with clients globally.

How are you different?

Our client acquirers reflect our own values: honesty, integrity, respect and approachability. We only work with buyers to which we would be happy to sell our own cherished business, which means we look for those offering long-term investment and a home for life. We do not work with buyers seeking to buy-to-sell or asset-strip and only introduce to those interested in our client-sellers’ back-stories, history, legacies, beliefs, values, staff and customers.

We pride ourselves on being honest, approachable, transparent and empathetic in everything we do, always respecting sellers’ criteria for selecting the next owner of their business.

Are you M&A agents?

No. Our role is to provide an introduction service. Once we have introduced two parties, we leave them to have direct discussions.

Are you financiers, or investors?

No. Our role is purely to provide an introduction service. Once we have introduced two parties, we leave them to have direct discussions.

How do you find the right matches?

The directors of Xenowledge have been involved in software and software companies for many years, so we know a lot of software business owners around the world. We have an extensive family of verified clients, all of whom we have spoken to directly. If we cannot find a suitable match within our existing client base, we research and proactively approach approach the directors of likely buyers or sellers, to open a dialogue.

Are there any specific criteria for sellers?

Our client-acquirers always look for great businesses with potential for growth. Although each buyer will have different criteria, typical characteristics might be:

  • A mission-critical product serving a specific market
  • A long-established company
  • A strong and loyal customer-base
  • A product ripe for development or improvement, particularly migration to a web-based tech-stack
  • 15+ staff
  • Annual recurring revenues of between $3m and $25m

However, there are no hard and fast rules and we welcome conversations with owners whose companies do not meet some or all of the above criteria. For example, many buyers will be extremely flexible with revenue and staff number figures.

Are there any specific criteria for buyers?

No, although we focus on working with acquirers genuinely wanting to provide great, long-term futures for their acquired companies. We seek buyers who will provide the right environment, tools, expertise and routes to market while respecting the legacies of the company they’ve acquired.

What’s your business model?

If a company acquires another business as a result of being introduced by us, we charge the buyer a percentage of acquired revenues. We do not charge the seller. Please contact us for our terms of business.

For professional services, we operate a conventional consultancy day rate, or a negotiated project cost.

How do I contact you?

We’re a very approachable company and we’d love to hear from you. Our contact details are at the bottom of each web page, so you can email or call for a confidential chat.

If you’d rather jump straight in with details about what you’re looking for as a buyer or seller, we’ve created two dedicated contact forms:


Xenowledge is an introducer specializing in the hospitality and vertical market software sectors.

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