12 tips for pubs: Business hot desking

Given the current downturn in hospitality business driven by altered consumer habits and restrictive legislation, pub owners are looking to new ways of retaining and generating revenue. We’ve seen a steady stream of savvy publicans appealing directly to business folk by offering nicely bundled F&B and facilities in their establishments.

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Restaurateurs – Don’t get mad – get even

No-shows are the bane of restaurateurs’ lives, period. Our hearts bled for the industry participants of a recent BBC radio phone-in on which restaurateurs described their struggle to stay afloat during the pandemic, let alone deal with customers who just don’t bother to turn up. No-shows are financially damaging, unfair, and put jobs at risk.

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Authenticity Is Everything

Having endured months of uncertainty and financial disarray, the hospitality sector is finally seeing some green shoots. Many governments in Europe are lifting restrictions and encouraging the return of tourists in a bid to kick start their visitor economies. That’s great news, isn’t it? Continue reading “Authenticity Is Everything”

Restaurants: Thoughts on restrictive re-opening

Hospitality businesses have been hit so hard by Covid-19 shut-downs that planning for a positive future can, for some, seem a generation away. Although we are starting to see some tiny green shoots emerging across the world, any permitted re-openings are likely to come with a host of restrictions.Continue reading “Restaurants: Thoughts on restrictive re-opening”

Hospitality management skills have never been more transferable.

By Lesley Smith, Xenowledge Consultant for Recruitment

The TV and news websites do a great job of presenting very bad news, don’t they? Hour after hour, day after day of depressing statistics and grim imagery coming down the wires and into our worlds. I get it; we live in unprecedented times but surely there must be some good news out there, somewhere?Continue reading “Hospitality management skills have never been more transferable.”

10 Lame Excuses For Hotels Not Adopting A Cloud PMS

Xenowledge MD John Jones knows a thing or two about cloud-based hotel property management systems (“PMS”) and their uptake by the independent hotel sector. In this light-hearted article, he debunks the most common objections to adopting a cloud PMS.Continue reading “10 Lame Excuses For Hotels Not Adopting A Cloud PMS”

The definition of “Guest Experience”

In the hospitality world, there’s one phrase which keeps coming up again and again: guest experience. We’re told that we need to create it; that our customers yearn for it; that it’s the holy grail and the standard on which we are measured.Continue reading “The definition of “Guest Experience””

All-Inclusive – Budget Thriller or Hospitality Killer?

Since the dawn of time, Greece has been synonymous with hospitality. The principle of filoxenia is deep rooted in every Greek, meaning that there is no distinction between strangers and guests, and that they will be afforded friendship and hospitality by default. Its simplest form is a piece of fruit offered to a passer-by; a glass of water for the thirsty or a basic bed for the night in a shepherd hut high in the mountains. Hospitality, in its purist sense, is in the Greek blood.Continue reading “All-Inclusive – Budget Thriller or Hospitality Killer?”