Authenticity Is Everything

Having endured months of uncertainty and financial disarray, the hospitality sector is finally seeing some green shoots. Many governments in Europe are lifting restrictions and encouraging the return of tourists in a bid to kick start their visitor economies. That’s great news, isn’t it?

Well, yes (and we’re not going to focus on the health aspects of this story). Flights are being allowed, hotels and restaurants are opening and now all we need are paying guests. But how to encourage them to come? Authenticity is everything.

For hospitality businesses, now is the time to review their product offers. Put simply, just saying “we’re re-opening” won’t cut it with a nervous public. Hotels and restaurants need to re-identify their roots and tell their stories with passion. What does that look like? It is about showing what is at the heart of the business: the great welcome, the family, the history, the food, the physical building…the list is endless. Most of all it is about re-connecting with customers past, present and future and remembering the passion we all have for providing a great guest experience, and why we do it.

As to how we communicate this newly restored painting, that’s probably a discussion for another day. There are many, many ways to get the message across, from social media to pay-per-click advertising, email campaigns, websites and good old word of mouth.

Have a look at this great example of a refreshed, vibrant message which is designed to celebrate all that is great about the product. We can almost taste the food, touch the aromas and feel the passion in the video.

We have said it before: customers, now more than ever, seek authenticity. There are going to be some fantastic opportunities for recently re-opened hospitality businesses to welcome new customers to their properties. But those businesses need to be personally excited about what they offer, having reconnected with themselves, and positively enthuse it to the travelling public. The opportunity to refresh, do new new things and remember what is unique is there for the taking.

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