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Xenowledge will find ways grow your business and generate new revenue streams and increase your profits. Easy, right? Well, no, actually, otherwise you would have done it already.

“There’s no magic tap that can be turned on from which profits gush; growth comes in maximising every part of the business.”

Hi, I’m John. I’m a business growth specialist based in the UK and Greece. My background is hospitality, having run a hotel and convention center, and software from my time as Managing Director of one of the UK’s foremost hotel property management system (“PMS”) providers.

The companies I previously managed had one thing in common: they needed to change in order to grow. But achieving that growth – getting the required performance figures from spreadsheet to reality – meant that we had to change those businesses from top to bottom. Not change for change’s sake, but putting in place the foundations for making aspiration the reality.

As I often say, profit and revenue cannot be improved by wishing it to happen. There’s no magic tap which can be turned on from which profits gush; growth comes in maximising every part of the business, from operations to staff, strategy, partnerships, product, marketing and a whole host of other areas.

Trying to grow without a solid base in these areas is like building a skyscraper on sand – it just won’t stand up. But get these areas right and the sky’s the limit.

At Xenowledge, we help owners and managers of hospitality and SaaS software businesses to address their challenges head-on. We dive deep into your business to understand what needs to be tackled and unlocked to create a thriving enterprise.​

Working with you, we’ll look at your goals and the obstacles to achieving them. We’ll look at how you work, your employee landscape, organisational make-up, sales channels, cost-base, customers, marketing, competition and your overall strengths and weaknesses.

Whether you are looking for some assistance with your business strategy, sales & marketing, recruitment or PR &, we will help.  If your company is becoming involved in mergers and acquisitions, requires interim senior management or seeks some ideas about technology, we’re here. Contact us today.

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Xenowledge is a business growth consultancy specializing in the hospitality and vertical market software sectors.

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