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We help hospitality and SaaS software businesses to grow, through strategic improvements, finding the right people and new ownership structures.

Every business owner or manager wants their organisation to grow, by increasing sales and profits. And even if a few out there don’t want to improve their bottom line, growth can come in so many forms, from implementing winning strategies, finding better staff, embedding effective tools, creating stickier customers, and improving systems and processes. There may even be a time when growth is best achieved by becoming part of a larger organisation or aquiring a tuck-in business.

Hi, I’m John Jones, a business growth specialist based in the UK.

We offer executive and interim management, recruitment and deep-dive strategic reviews for hospitality and SaaS software businesses in the UK and Europe. Everything we do is about growth and we also understand the mergers & acquisitions landscape, from due diligence through to integration for those wishing to acquire, or be acquired.

EVERY BUSINESS CAN GROW but there are a hundred and one ways to do it. Let us work with you to identify what your business needs to reach the next level.

Our Service Areas.

Business Improvement

We dive deep into your business to understand what needs to be tackled and unlocked to create a thriving enterprise.

Executive Recruitment

We find the right individuals to take businesses forward and exciting opportunities for exceptional people.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We bring much-needed expertise to company owners looking to grow through acquisition or being acquired.

YOUR BUSINESS IS UNIQUE. When it comes to growth strategies, one size doesn’t fit all. But you know that, which is why you’re on our site. You came to the right place.

Our Sectors.

SaaS Software

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We work with the owners, shareholders, directors and managers of Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) companies.


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We work with the owners, shareholders, directors and managers of hotels and restaurants, pubs and food & beverage-oriented chains.

GROWTH IS NEVER BY MERE CHANCE; it is the result of forces working together. To find out why we’re your perfect growth partner, contact us today.

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Xenowledge is a business growth consultancy specializing in the hospitality and vertical market software sectors.

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